The Comedian And The Gameshow

Some of today’s most popular comedy shows are in fact panel games or game shows.  These are either presented by or feature panels of popular comedians.

So we thought we’d go back through the years and have a look at some of the classic game shows and their presenters, remember Kenny Everett bending Terry Wogan’s Microphone or Les Dawson’s true admiration of the quality prizes on Blankety Blank ?

Well have a look at what you could have won….

Bob Monkhouse – early Golden Shot



Charlie Williams has a go



Bob Monkhouse Celebrity Squares



Jimmy Tarbuck presents the short lived Full Swing



 Jim Davidson’s Big Break



Jim Bowen with Bullseye

Terry Wogan does battle with Kenny Everett in Blankety Blank



Les Dawson has prizes


These clips represent a small snapshot of some of the game shows comedians have participated in over the years, cheap TV it may have been but he we are still lapping it up all these years later.

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