The Flashing Blade, 1967

We warned you we were looking at shows from around the world that were shown as part of kids TV schedules during summer holidays.

The Flashing Blade known as: Le Chevalier Tempête in France, was a French television serial made in the late 1960s.

First broadcast in the UK on BBC children’s television during the 1960s, it had several re-runs throughout the 1970’s. particularly during summer holidays.  Clearly as it was of French origin the voices on the UK episodes were over dubbed.

The British version of twelve 22 minutes episodes was created from the original four French 75-minute episodes.

The series was a fictional story is based upon historical events during the War of the Mantuan Succession (1628–1631) between France and Spain and its allies.


The series revolves around the efforts of a dashing French spy to engineer the garrison’s rescue.

François, the Chevalier de Recci, and his servant Guillot are trapped in a besieged castle on the border between France and Spain. When the Spanish elite hear of a possible truce between France and Spain, some of them do not want a truce because the capture of the castle has greater strategic importance.

They begin a bombardment in order to capture the French castle before any form of ceasefire agreement is signed. The garrison commander, General Thoiras, recruits François and Gullot to break through Spanish lines to get word of the attack to the French Army. The pair, with their superior swordplay and horsemanship, embark on a daring mission evading capture, enemy spies and pursuing soldiers to deliver their message.

The series ends with the Chevalier bringing news of the peace conference’s decision to the Spanish Forces surrounding the castle.


You’ll be singing this all day long




The only clips we found were these comedy overdubbed 


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Andre Paul Antoine and P A Brea
Originally Screened: 1967




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