Jokers Wild, 1969

From the golden age of TV (the 1970’s) we look back at this classic panel game.

Produced by Yorkshire Television for ITV Jokers Wild ran for 8 series between 1969 and 1974.  The show was hosted by comedian and writer Barry Cryer (except the 1971 series which was hosted by Michael Bentine).


Every week two teams of comedians played for points by telling jokes on a subject chosen by the host, who would pull the selection from a box on his desk. Typical examples were politics or the Mother-In-Law. When a member of a team was telling a joke, a member of the other team could interrupt the joke by pressing the buzzer and finishing the joke to score bonus points for his/her team.

Before the commercial break one of the comedians would be given one minute to get as many laughs as possible from the stdio audience.  The more laughs, the more points were scored.

At the end of the show the team with the most points won a gag trophy of a jester carrying the Yorkshire Television chevron logo.








Presented By: Barry Cryer


Channel: ITV
Produced By: Yorkshire Television
Created By: Ray Cameron
Original Transmission Dates: 9th July 1969 – 20th November 1974


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2 Responses

  1. Lord Elpus

    Does anyone know WHEN (i.e. what time of what day) Jokers Wild was originally broadcast in the 70s? I have a vague recollection that it may have been on Friday lunchtimes but if anyone with a better memory than me can confirm this, I’d be delighted to hear from them.

    • admin

      Lord Elpus, can’t be the regular from the Wogan days ? Sorry we’ve looked around and can’t find the info you’re looking for

      regards Mark Newton


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