Then Churchill Said To Me – 1982

The one that got away, well not quite.  Then Churchill Said To Me was the six part BBC comedy series made in 1982 but not transmitted until 1993 by UK Gold and 1998 by the BBC.

This was because during 1982 Britain was at war over The Falkland Islands and it was deemed that the subject matter may offend some viewers.

The series followed the same vein as Up Pompeii and Whoops Baghdad but in a more contemporary setting.


Set in the 1940s in Winston Churchill’s secret underground bunker. Frankie Howerd plays a soldier named Private Potts who is a batman to a group of officers, who, like the character of Lurcio in the popular Up Pompeii! is hell-bent on avoiding work and gets into various scrapes as a result of this.








Frankie Howerd
Nicholas Courtney
Joanna Dunham
Shaun Curry
Michael Attwell
Linda Cunningham
Peggy Ann Clifford
James Chase


Channel: UK Gold (1993), BBC 2 (2000)
Written By: Lou Jones and Maurice Sellar
Produced By: Roger Race
Original Production Year: 1982
Original Transmission Dates (UK Gold): 1st March 1993 – 5th April 1993


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