Tim Vine Travels Through Time, 2017

Master of the pun, comedian Tim Vine joins the legacy that is Comedy Playhouse.

In March 2011 Tim Vine recorded an episode of the long running BBC comedy pilot series ‘Comedy Playhouse’ entitled “Tim Vine Travels In Time”.  The show was never broadcast.  In March 2017 a version was broadcast on BBC Radio 2.  It was September 2017 before the show finally made it to TV.  It was now entitled Tim Vine Travels Through Time.  A second episode was broadcast in December the same year.

To date there have been only the two episodes.


Antiques dealer, Tim Vine has a secret to his business that he keeps from his customers: the grandfather clock in the corner is his own personal time travelling device!

With this invaluable aid to keeping his shop well-stocked and appeasing every customer’s whim, he naturally finds himself attempting to fulfil some rather obscure requests.

On his adventures back through the annals of time, Tim finds himself regularly in contact with some of history’s most noteworthy figures, and facing all manner of historic challenges along the way.





Tim Vine


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Tim Vine and John Archer
Original Transmission Dates (TV): 1st September and 29th December 2017


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