Generation Game Slammed

Well after various attempts and near misses The Generation Game Finally did return.  Rumours were that there was to be six shows.  Now we are told it’s two cut from four.  Was it really that bad ?

Among the comments made by the times was “As for the show itself, there’s little to say other than that it was a shameless carbon copy of memorable moments from The Generation Game of the 1970s or 80s”  Former host Jim Davidson slammed it as “Naff” and “an insult to Brucie”.  The Times were a little kinder saying “It needs to relax and dial down the gush. Brucie made it look so easy. Didn’t he do well?”

Our verdict?  it served as a tribute to the original but failed to live up to expectations.  Mel and Sue are two great talents but this wasn’t for them.  Remember all the changes made for Jim Davidson’s first series they didn’t work, but a few tweaks and back to basics and it was back to it’s best.

There is almost certainly a place for The Generation Game but it needs to go back to basics and as we’ve said many times Alan Carr and Melanie Sykes to host.



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