Yes, Honestly, 1976

Another of those great London Weekend Television sitcoms that seems to have been forgotten about.

A spin off from No, Honestly, Yes, Honestly ran for twenty six episodes over two series from 1976.

The first series boasted a theme song by the legendary Georgie Fame, an instrumental version of the theme from ‘No honestly’ written by Lynsey De Paul was used in series two.


Matthew and Lily make a charming young couple, despite their differences.

Whilst they’re very much in love, they seem to encounter more than their fair share of obstacles and inconveniences.  These include visits from Lily’s eccentric Russian family and Matt’s dreaded mother and a persistent shortage of money , that is not helped when Matthew’s disapproving family decide to cut him off without a penny.







Liza Goddard
Donal Donnelly


Channel: ITV
Written By: Terence Brady and Charlotte Bingham
Produced By: London Weekend Television for ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 9th January, 1976 – 23rd April, 1977

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