Just Good Friends, 1983

Another John Sullivan classic, his third for the BBC after Citizen Smith and Fools and Horses and this September it will be 40 years old!

Just Good Friends ran for twenty two episodes, over three series and a 90 min Christmas special between  1983 and 1986.

In the BBC’s 2004 poll to find the top 100 British sitcoms, Just Good Friends polled at number 43.


The series followed the wavering relationship between the two ex-lovers, Penny Warrender, a female advertising executive, and Vincent Pinner, the son of a wealthy scrap metal merchant.

The couple have split up following Vincent’s decision not to marry Penny on their wedding day, leaving her at the altar.

The series follows the ups and downs as Vince and Penny try to re-kindle their lost romance with hilarious results.






They were all doing Wispa


Vincent Pinner – Paul Nicholas
Penny Warrender – Jan Francis
Daphne Warrender – Sylvia Kay
Norman Warrender – John Ringham
Rita Pinner – Ann Lynn
Les Pinner – Shaun Curry
Clifford Pinner – Adam French


Channel: BBC1
Written By: John Sullivan
Produced By: Ray Butt
Original Transmission: 22nd September 1983 – 25th December 1986

Where To Watch

Sadly not on Brit box, currently showing on UKTV Drama.  All episodes available to buy on DVD.


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