Dads Army Marching Back To The Big Screen

It seems we cant get enough of  classic comedy remakes as the news today has been full of Dads Army’s return.

It seems the story broke yesterday in The Sunday Times and has found it’s way everywhere else over the course of today.

Dads Army will return to the big screen, clearly as we all know almost all of the original cast are now dead so the new version is getting a complete makeover.  Names in the frame are Toby Jones taking Arthur Lowe’s role as the pompous and diminutive Captain Mainwaring and Bill Nighy as the dry and taciturn Sergeant Wilson. The film will be directed by Oliver Parker, who has overseen fare such as spy spoof sequel Johnny English Reborn and 2007’s St Trinians remake. The script is by Hamish McColl, who wrote Johnny English Reborn and Mr Bean’s Holiday.  Damien Jones who produced the BAFTA award winning Iron Lady is to produce and promises the new film will remain faithful in spirit to that of the original show.

One of the show’s original writers Jimmy Perry, who is on board as a producer, told BBC Radio 5 Live the new film had “been in the air for a long time”. He said: “Up to now I haven’t taken it too seriously. When I signed the contract to release the film rights, one provision was that I didn’t have to write anything, I didn’t have to do anything. I’m letting them get on with it.”

The original that ranked fourth in the famous 2004 BBC poll to find the best sitcom ran for nine series on TV, three radio series and a big screen feature film, as well as a touring theatre production.

No dates yet, but I can’t help feel some things are better left alone.  Dads Army was a unique mix of brilliant scripts and great casting, looking forward to it like many fans, but with baited breath.