Dream Stuffing, 1984

Dream Stuffing was a Channel 4 sitcom that graced our screens for one series of ten episodes in 1984.  Whilst not a critical hit it did get a repeat outing in the summer of 1985.

The theme song entitled “London Girls” was written and performed by Kirsty MacColl.


The series followed the exploits of two working class young women, Mo and Jude, who share a flat in a council tower block in the East End of London along with their three-legged cat, Tripod.

Mo has a menial job in a glass eye factory, whilst Jude is unemployed.

Part way through the series, Mo loses her job and the two girls become a thorn in the side for employment review officer Mrs Tudge .







Mo – Amanda Symonds
Jude – Rachel Wearver


Channel: Channel 4
Created and Written By: Paul Hines and Su Wilkins

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