Father Dear Father In Australia, 1978

Between 1968 and 1973 Father Dear Father had been a huge ratings winner for ITV.

Five years after the original series finished the show popped up for a new series in Australia.  Patrick Cargill and Noel Dyson both reprised their roles as Patrick and Nanny for the two series of seven episodes each, screened in 1978 on ATN channel 7.

Seem to remember it was also broadcast on ITV in the UK but we couldn’t find any exact dates or confitmation.


It’s been a few years since Patrick Glover’s daughters Karen and Anna have married and left home.

With time on his hands Patrick decides to go to Australia to do some research for a book he is writing and takes Nanny along with him.

Intending to stay with his brother Jeffrey, Jeffrey unexpectedly has to travel to London for six months in connection with his work.  He remarks that he has worries about leaving his daughters, Liz  and Sue, to fend for themselves while he is away and asks if Patrick and Nanny can look after them, and Patrick begrudgingly agrees. Liz and Sue had been looking forward to being free of adult supervision with their father away, so they’re initially unimpressed with the idea of Patrick babysitting!







Patrick Glover – Patrick Cargill
Nanny – Noel Dyson
Jeffrey Glover – Ron Frazer
Liz – Sally Conabere
Sue – Sigrid Thornton


Channel: ATN Channel 7
Written By: Brian Cooke and Johnnie Mortimer, episode one, various thereafter
Original Transmission Date: 1978

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