Hippies, 1999

Hippies was a six-part BBC sitcom from the creators of Father Ted.

It ran for 1 series of 6 episodes in 1999.

The series was Mathews and Linehan’s immediate follow up to their hugely popular and highly successful Father Ted.  It therefore received a significant amount of pre-release hype.  Sadly it failed to catch on with viewers.  It was not a critical success either, but has since gone on to pick up a cult following.

Although a second series was commissioned, it was never made after the writer felt put off by the negative critical reaction.

Hippies has never been repeated on any terrestrial BBC channels, although it has been repeated on Paramount Comedy 2, the now defunct Play UK and GOLD.


Set in 1969 during the ‘Swinging Sixties’ Hippies follows the misadventures of Ray Purbbs , who is the editor of a magazine called Mouth which he produces in his flat in Notting Hill Gate.







Ray Purbbs – Simon Pegg
Alex Picton-Dinch – Julian Rhind-Tutt
Hugo Yemp – Darren Boyd
Jill Sprint – Saly Phillips


Channel: BBC2
Created By: Arthur Mathews and Graham Linehan
Written By: Arthur Mathews
Production Company: Talkback
Original Transmission Dates: 12th November – 17th December 1999

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