It Takes A Worried Man, 1981

Another hit comedy lost in the mists of time.  It never ceases to amaze me the amount of great British sitcoms that have aired over the years, yet with all these extra channels we get the same ones repeated over and over.

Here we have a little gem from the early 1980’s from the creators of Shelley, It Takes A Worried Man was made by Thames Television for ITV and ran for three series between 1981 and 1983, running to 19 episodes.

Although made for ITV only series 1 & 2 were broadcast on ITV, series 3 aired on Channel 4.


Philip Roath, a middle-aged and divorced office worker who is highly intelligent, but seems to be suffering a midlife crisis, and completely bored with his job.

He is never seems to do any actual work, just converse with his colleagues about his boredom and frustrations with life. His boss suspects that Philip does little work, but is powerless to prove it or to do anything about it. Philip is also seen in psychoanalysis sessions with his analyst, Simon, who has worse emotional issues than Philip does.






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Peter Tilbury – Philip Roath
Sue Holderness – Liz
Diana Payan – Ruth
Andrew Tourell – Napley
Nicholas Le Prevost – Simon
Christopher Benjamin – The Old Man (Philip’s boss)
Angela Down – Lillian


Channel: ITV (series 1&2), Channel 4 (series 3)
Written By: Peter Tilbury
Directed By: Alan Tarrant
Original transmission Dates: 27th October 1981 – 20th November 1983


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