Frankie Howerd’s Full Of Eastern Promise

Whoops Baghdad was effectively a harmless re-working of Up Pompeii, screened on the BBC in 1973, it ran for one series only totalling six episodes.

Written by the same team as Up Pompeii the original title had been considered as Up Baghdad.  However the idea was not popular with BBC executives, as  it was felt that it might have been seen as supportive of the then-current Iraqi regime.




Much like Up Pompeii and the Carry On Films Whoops Baghdad shows Frankie Howerd doing what he does best as the master of double entendres.

The plot revolves around  Ali Oopla (Howerd), servant to the Wazir of Baghdad.  Ali’s  day-to-day life encounters such problems as the Wazir’s naive daughter, numerous merchant traders, and many scantily-clad women with impressive cleavage.


The series has never been released to VHS or DVD.  You can catch up here




Frankie Howerd
Derek Francis
Josephine Tewson


Channel: BBC1
Written By:
Sid Colin
David McKellar
David Nobbs
Roy Tuvey
Maurice Sellar
Peter Vincent
Bob Hedley
Produced By: John Howard Davies
Original Transmission Dates: 25th January 1973 – 1st March 1973


No official DVD release has been made of the series although there are many unofficial DVDs available on the internet.  So come on BBC/2Entertain here’s another classic comedy you should be looking at releasing.


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