Land Of Hope And Gloria, 1992

Land of Hope and Gloria was a short lived sitcom starring Three Degrees singer Sheila Ferguson.  

Although there were some famous names in the cast the show was savaged by critics who branded it one of the worst sitcoms ever made, consequently it only managed 6 episodes.


Gloria Hepburn is a leisure manager from the United States who is appointed as the new business manager of Beaumont House, a stately home of Gerald Hope-Beaumont.

Gloria is brought to improve the finances of the business.  However things are not straight forward as she encounters a culture clash, particularly from Evelyn Spurling and Nancy Princeton who like to do things in an old fashioned British manner.





Sheila Ferguson – Gloria Hepburn
Joan Sanderson – Nancy Princeton
Andrew Bicknelll – Gerald Hope-Beaumont
Daphne Oxenford – Evelyn Spurling
Vivien Darke – Vanessa
John Rapley – Crompton


Channel: ITV
Written By: Simon Pegg
Original Transmission Dates: 24th June – 28th July 1992




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