Porridge Christmas Special – The Desperate Hours – 1976

Continuing our look back at classic Christmas Specials from years gone by, here’s Fletch and Godbher in it up to their necks as usual in this festive edition of the classic seventies sitcom.  Sorry we were only able to find one clip.


So far, Christmas isn’t  looking good for Fletch & Godber… Mackay has discovered the illicit liquor they’ve been brewing in their cell since July and they’re up before the Governor. However, whilst they’re waiting to see him, things suddenly take a turn for the better… they get caught up in the psychotic Reg Urwin’s attempt to take Mr Baraclough hostage. Can Fletch be the hero of the day?







Ronnie Barker
Richard Beckinsale
Fulton Mackay
Brian Wilde


Written By: Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais
Channel: BBC1
Originally Broadcast: 24th December 1976


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