The Strange Case Of The End Of Civilization As We Know It, 1977

The Guinness World Records  consistently lists Sherlock Holmes as the “most portrayed movie character” so it’s no surprise thst there should be a comedy version.

The Strange Case Of The End Of Civilization As We Know It.  A low budget one off special screened in 1977 with an all star cast.  Written by and starring John Cleese the film was a send up of the famous detective stories.

Screened, we think, in cinemas.  It was produced by London Weekend Television in association with Shearwater films and distributed by ITV.

It would appear not to have caught on with critics, but if nothing else Connie Booth looks great.


The grandson of the world’s first and foremost consulting detective and his bumbling, bionic sidekick attempt to catch the only living descendant of Professor Moriarty, who has promissed the world that it has only five days left to live.







John Cleese
Arthur Lowe
Ron Moody
Connie Booth


Written By:
John Cleese
Jack Hobbs
Joseph McGrath
Produced By: London Weekend Television and Shearwater films
Distributed By: ITV
Producer: Humphrey Barclay
Original Release Date: 18th September 1977

Where To Watch

At the time of posting the show is not available on major streaming services.  There is a DVD release and it’s currently available to watch in full on You Tube.

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