Uncle Of the Bride, A Last Of The Summer Wine Special, 1986

Summer Wine fans had a real treat with Christmas and New Year T.V. in 1985/86.  A feature length New Year’s Day special.  Brian Wilde had left to persue other projects, this left a vacancy for a third man to make up the troublesome trio.  Enter Seymour Utterthwaite as played by Michael Aldridge.

Rather than just drop him into the run of a new series, Clarke brilliantly added new characters to give the new third man a background. This he did by making Wesley the central character for a feature length episode.

In Uncle Of The Bride we meet Edie, (Wesley’s wife), Seymour (Edie’s Brother), Brenda (Wesley’s Daughter) and Barry (soon to be Son In Law).
Uncle of The Bride was the second feature length story for Last Of The Summer Wine and Michael Aldridge’s first outing as Seymour Utterthwaite.

Having enlisted the help of Compo and Clegg the new trio’s next outing would be a Christmas Special in December the same year before a new series in January of ’87.


Foggy’s inherited an egg painting business from an Uncle and has left for Bridlington leaving Clegg and Compo at a loose end, but there’s a wedding to attend.  Wesley’s Daughter is getting married to Barry, a Building Society Manager.  Taking no chances Edie appoints “Our Seymour” to look after Barry on his stag night and to make sure he gets to the church on time.  So it’s off to Seymour’s with Wesley and the washing….

Towards the ending of the episode Seymour enquires of Compo and Clegg that if they have nothing better to do they could assist him and so began the Michael Aldridge years.







Seymour Utterthwaite – Michael Aldridge
Compo – Bill Owen
Clegg – Peter Sallis
Wesley – Gordon Wharmby
Edie – Dame Thora Hird
Glenda – Sarah Thomas
Barry – Mike Grady
Nora Batty – Kathy Staff
Wally Batty – Joe Gladwin
Sid – John Comer
Ivy – Jane Freeman


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Roy Clarke
Produced By: Alan J.W. Bell
Original Transmission Date: 1st January 1986


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