Clive James On Television – 1982

Many years ago in the mists of time Sunday nights were also prime time viewing and not just for drama.

Here we have an interesting show from Sunday nights, that eventually would go on with different hosts to run for over twenty years.  We’ll cover the others in separate post

On Television started life as Clive James On Television in 1982, a British made show, an Australian host, TV clips from around the world, but we were hooked.

Made by London Weekend Television for most of it’s run and by Carlton Television for two series in 1996 and 1997, when it was  axed due to poor ratings.  It popped back up again in 1998 produced by London Weekend.

On Television ran for nineteen series between 1982 and 2006, but for this post we are concentrating on Clive James time at the helm.


Clive James hosted clips and ads that were both bizarre and very funny, collated from TV stations around the world, most notably from the far eastern countries of Japan and Korea. The series popularised the Japanese show Endurance which followed numerous contestants as they underwent painful tasks around the world.









Starring: Clive James
Produced By: London Weekend Television
Clive James Original Run: 26th September 1982 – 1st January 1988

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