The Brian Wilde Years (part 2) 1990 – 1997


When Michael Aldridge left the show (it was rumoured that as Michael Bates before him he was finding the amount of  walking taking it’s toll on his health) the show was again looking for a third man.

Brian Wilde and producer Alan J.W. Bell had settled their differences whist working on Wyatt’s Watchdogs, so Bell asked Wilde if would like to return and he readily agreed.

In an episode entitled “Return Of The Warrior” season 12 began and Wilde returns.

The series took a break in 1994, but came back for two series in 1995.

It took another break in 1996, but returned for a Christmas special ‘Extra Extra’ this was followed by a full series in 1997.  An attack of shingles left Brian Wilde unable to film that year’s Christmas Special or the season that followed.  Frank Thornton was drafted in as a temporary replacement.  Wilde never returned to the show.

In previous series it was always Bill Owen’s Compo character that did all the crazy stunts, for his second innings Foggy would also find himself in hair raising situations.


When Seymour leaves the village to take up a new teaching post Compo and Clegg find themselves at a loose end once more.

However unbeknown to them as Seymour leaves the incoming bus brings with it the return of an old friend – Foggy Dewhirst.








Brian Wilde
Peter Sallis
Bill Owen


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Roy Clarke
Seasons: 12 (1990) – 18 (1997)


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