Steptoe and Son – Come Dancing, 1970

Today we are taking a look back at a classic episode of Steptoe and Son from 1970 – Come Dancing.  Possibly one of their finest moments, although we would advise readers of this post that in this episode some of the language used is certainly worthy of the PG certificate the DVDs receive.


On a boring Sunday afternoon Albert is fast asleep whilst Harold muses over what little life has to offer him: how depressing the house is, even the cuckoo clock annoys him.

When Albert awakes he whittles it out of Harold that the problem is “a bird”.  It turns out that Harold has fallen for a girl who lives for her dancing and so to impress her he tells her he is a champion dancer and allows her to enter them into next weekend’s dance competition.  Only one problem – he can’t dance.

Surprise, surprise – Albert is an expert and offers Harold a crash course.  Lessons commence and Harold all correctly dressed sets off for the competition, only to arrive back home early having lost the “bird” and the competition –  Albert taught him the woman’s steps!







Albert Steptoe – Wilfrid Brambell
Harold Steptoe – Harry H. Corbett


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Galton And Simpson
Broadcast: 9th November 1970



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  1. Comedy Nut

    Can’t believe there were colour episodes I hadn’t seen. I’d no idea about this episode and it feels like Christmas. Will be ordering the DVD, thanks.


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