The Lovers Leap From the Small screen To The Big Screen

The Lovers had been a hit ITV sitcom that had ran for two series between 1970 and 1971.  Two years later Geoffrey and Beryl are back as The Lovers but this time it’s on the big screen.

Filmed in Manchester 1972, it made it’s premier a year later at the Odeon Cinema in Manchester.

It’s notable in that the film doesn’t directly spin off or pick up where the TV series left off, rather it’s a standalone story of the courtship of two young people from Manchester.

The theme song to the film is sang by Tony Christie.


Reprising the television series roles which first made them household names, Richard Beckinsale and Paula Wilcox star as Geoffrey and Beryl, a hesitant, inexperienced young couple attempting to negotiate the sexual minefield of the ‘permissive’ society.

Like the TV series we see old-fashioned girl Beryl continuing to slap down the advances of her frustrated boyfriend, whose clumsy attempts to initiate ‘Percy Filth’ suggest he’s not quite up to speed himself!

Like everyone else, Geoffrey and Beryl want to fall in love – or they think they do; like everyone else, since Adam and Eve. But Adam and Eve didn’t live in Manchester in 1972…







Richard Beckinsale – Geoffrey Scrimshaw
Paula Wilcox – Beryl Battersby
Susan Littler – Sandra
Rosalind Ayres – Veronica
Anthony Naylor – Neville
Nikolas Simmonds – Roland
John Comer – Geoffrey’s Father
Stella Moray – Geoffrey’s Mother
Joan Scott – Beryl’s Mum


Written By: Jack Rosenthal
Produced By: Maurice Foster
Directed By: Herbert Wise
Original UK Release Date: 14th May 1973


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