Benny Hill, Who Done It, 1956

Benny Hill had just begun his famous TV show when, in 1956, he made his big screen-starring debut in one of the last Ealing comedies ever made.

The film co-starred Belinda Lee as a glamorous showgirl and David Kossoff as a dastardly foreign spy and was directed by BAFTA award-winning Basil Dearden.


Benny Hill plays a clumsy ice rink sweeper with delusions of grandeur, Hugo Dill fantasises about becoming a private investigator. When he wins both a bloodhound and a sum of money in a magazine competition, he decides the time is right to change career and fulfil his dream!







Benny Hill – Hugo Dill
Belinda Lee – Frankie Mayne
David Kossoff – Zacco
Garry Marsh – Detective Inspector Hancock


Written By: T.E.B. Clarke
Produced By: Michael Ralph
Directed By: Basil Deardon
Original Release Date: 18th March 1956

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